I made my own version of a “Pop-Up Video” as an example of a UGC (user-generated-content) video commentary. Some may say I chose the most annoying song ever. Which is why I’m okay with the fact that the technology only allowed for 6 pop ups. No need to watch past a minute. 

9 months, 1 day…

…deep into my new life as a copywriter at PWW. In that time, my portfolio has doubled:

I’ve developed a mobile ad game, ran the copy-end of 2 mobile and 2 desktop sites from kickoff to sign-off, worked on 2 Facebook apps, and have written countless Facebook posts as a snarky, nighttime cough cold & flu medicine and a warm, nostalgic voice of a historic brand. I’ve acted in a few videos and even voiced a reindeer. 

What I’m trying to say is… I made a good move. I was in a city I loved, but my career felt like it was at a standstill. I was stifled. I needed a change. And then I got the call that changed my life forever. I’m in love with my job, I’m in love with my independent self, and, well, I’m in love, too. Don’t worry, he has facial hair.

What I think every young person should do at least once in their life is make a move. Shake up the norm. Flip to the cool side of the pillow. Embrace a new perspective on life.

You don’t need to leave your country, city, or even neighborhood. But leave something behind. Whether it’s your fear of trying out new things, or your overly harsh self-criticism. Stretch yourself. Do something that impresses the most important person in your life. You.

Tummy Problems

I have no shame (well, maybe a little), so I am not afraid to share with you my pain in my gut. For as long as u can remember, my stomach has hated me. I’ve been unable to keep food down or in without extreme pain, uncomfortable feelings, or the immediate need to run home from wherever I am.

I know, how are you going to find me remotely attractive when we get married? Fear not, Ryan Gosling, I will get better. And I keep the bathroom door closed (unless you like that sort of thing…you would, wouldn’t you?).

Anyways, this has gone on too long. So I am seeing a GI today. At 1:00, I’ll meet a lady who will soon know me better than my ex-boyfriends. And then? I’ll probably have to schedule a colonoscopy. The worst part of all this is, I’m alone. I know, I’m a brave little girl who moved to a new city not knowing anyone. What comes with that territory, though, is telling the best of my new friends to drive me and talk to the doctor after the procedure on her findings. Talk about a fast track to BFF-Dom. Anyways, I gotta run. Already late to work on account of my stomach.

Le sigh.